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specifically among women. now a comment made by mitt romney during the debate a few nights ago now getting a lot of attention on both campaign trails and abc2 news emily shut has the details. >> reporter: mitt romney made a comment about binders full of women when he was asked a question about gender pay and equality and when he did president obama and democrats didn't waste a minute to draw more attention to it. mitt romney sparked a bit of controversy while answering a question during tuesday's debate about equal pay laws, he responded by talking about putting together his cabinet after being elected governor of massachusetts. he pointed to the fact that his staff brought him only male applicants. >> i went to a nups and said ca help us find folks they brought us whole binders full of women. >> reporter: that comment has taken on a life of its own. it has plenty of tweets and its own facebook page. democrats used it to fund raise saying mitt romney just didn't get it. >> we don't have to order up some binders to find qualified talented, driven young women. >> reporter: mitt romney addres
obama and mitt romney faced off at lynn university. the candidates were forced to answer tough questions on foreign policy. >> reporter: this debate lasted 90 minutes and covered a wide variety of topics related to foreign policy. mitt romney and president obama sat side by side and that format didn't stop them from attacking each other. >> attack me is not an agenda. >> the world needs a strong america and it is stronger than when i came in office. >> reporter: in the third and final debate the focus was foreign pole say opportunitymitt romney to go over the president's record. >> what has happened is as we watch the rising tide in the middle east of chaos occur, you see al-qaeda rushing in. >> reporter: in a chance for the president to hit romney on the foreign policy credentials. >> i know you haven't been in a position to actually execute foreign policy, but, every time you offered an opinion, you have been wrong. >> reporter: the 90 minute showdown featured heated exchanges like this over the attack on the outs cons will -- consulate in libya. >> we are seeing a pretty dramatic reve
this for safety reasons. we'll be right back. >>> president obama and mitt romney set to go head to head tonight. >> expected to focus on foreign policy. >> reporter: the third and final presidential debate is highly anticipated and should be full of fire works and the last opportunity for mitt romney and president obama to address millions millions of undecided voters watching at home. it's happening at lynn university where they will face off on foreign policy. some topics are the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya, red line when it comes to eye rap, relations with china and troops overseas. both sides are trying to criticize the other on the issues. >> there is a big difference, i'm concerned about governor romney becoming commander in chief. country by country, see sort of the fraying at the edges of the obama policy. >> reporter: there is a lot on the line for both candidates following a month of up and down debate performances. for the president he will have to show up to play like last time. a poll shows 51% of debate watchers thought the president did a better job in the second debat
: there is no shortage of heated exchanges between the president and mitt romney. and now the president is drawing fire from the romney campaign for a comment he made following an interview with rolling stone magazine. the editor passed along a message to the president. she said can you do it referring to his reelection bid. the president's response was this. you know kids have good instincts they look at the other guy and say that a bull something. the other guy he is talking about is romney. the pain put out a statement saying the president is rattled and on the defensive. he is running on empty and nothing left but attacks and insults. and it is unfortunate he has to close the campaign this way. and they tried to explain what the president meant. >> he was referring to a practice of sliding around and trying to change positions. >> reporter: the historian who interviewed him for the article said today that this shows in the election cycle the candidates don't seem to have a relationship of mutual respect. >>> another big story we'll update you on is the storm that we're looking at, that's sandy. we
to ask the president and governor mitt romney about gun violence during tomorrow night's debate. >>> a man accused of killing a college student goes before a judge today. he pled guilty to killing his girlfriend. whitmore was in town visiting and hours before her death, she tweeted should have known. there is no motive to the death. the school held a vigil last night. >>> closer to home, a heated debate over parking in patterson park. last night people who lived near the park showed up at the virginia baker wreck center. they are esteemed over the plan to put a black top in the park to help with expanding the senior city. many of them said they have spent dozens of hours turning the park in to what it is today. >> it's a walking park, not a driving park. to say, if you don't like the casino, now you are opposed to seniors, what kind of stupid talk is that? >> three public meetings are planned. the mayor's office has yet to make a final decision. >>> do you remember those back to back blizzards in february of 2010? storms like that will get names like hurricanes. at least they w
'-lantern. >> and the stage is set for the president and mitt romney to square off. why it will present unique challenges for both candidates. we will explain as good morning maryland continues. >> you know you can track the weather on iphone and android. temperatures at 57 in baltimore with clouds but also we are watching the rain as this cold front moves through the area for today. showers and storms all the way back down into tennessee. i will tell you how long the cool down last coming up after the break. >>> thanks for joining us on this monday morning. the debate season is underway and up next is perhaps the most interesting of the three presidential debates that we are going see. this time it's going to be undecided voters asking the questions and we have a look ahead. >> reporter: round 2. president obama and governor romney face- off in their second debate tuesday. a town hall moderated by cnn candy crowley who says it presents unique challenges for the candidates. >> the challenges they have to connect not just with the people that are looking into the television and watching them. but to the p
to call them 410- 396-2100. >>> who will you connect with tonight, president obama or mitt romney. torey duncan is in new york where it looks like both candidates could face an up hill battle. >> reporter: we are inside the debate hall. tonight mitt romney and president obama will face off here for a second time. the format is town hall style. the questions will come from voters, uncommitted voters from the state of new york. i asked the moderator what she is looking for when picking the questions. >> tell me something new. stun me with a different answer. we want to take questions of what folks are asking about. what about this and that. >> reporter: critics said president obama wasn't aggressive enough. it is going to be tough for him to attack mitt romney in this type of format. the knock against romney is what he is not able to connect with the average american, tonight he will get the opportunity to do just that. >>> the election is a few weeks away, today is the last day to register to vote. it's the last day you can update your address information or request a new polling place. y
president obama and governor mitt romney put pole text aside to attend a charity event and both candidates let loose. >> i can't. >> reporter: it's an election that has seen its fair share of fighting moments. hard to forget the heated exchanges between the two at tuesday's second presidential debate. >> i had a question and the question was. >> you want me to answer the question and i am happy. >> reporter: for the second time this week, the two candidates shared a stage in new york. but this time it had a very different feel. >> what are we doing here? >> reporter: since 1948, it's been a time honored tradition for presidential candidates to speak at the alfred e. smith dinner. they took a break from throwing jabs and served up one-liners. >> it's nice to relax and wear what ann and i wear around the house. >> it's a lot more energy in the second debate. i wasel are well rested after the long nap it's in the first debate. >> and i seen early reports from tonight's dinner. headline, obama embraced by catholics. romney dines with rich people. >> earlier today, i went shopping at some store
that because one of the candidates is mormon mitt romney. bottle bombs made with hydraulic acid can cause serious injury and those boys this morning they are facing criminal charges. >>> an important warning to pass along to you this morning. it deals with counterfeit air bags used during car repairs. sherrie johnson is live at rogers forge with more on what you need to know. what do you this all about. >> reporter: we depend on air bags each and every day to save our lives in case of an accident. today, the government is actually warning car owners whose air bags have been replaced in the past three years that dangerous counterfeit bags may have been installed. the national traffic highway safety administration says tens of thousands of car owners may be driving vehicles with counterfeit air bags. some of the counterfeit bags do not inflate properly. in one case a. counterfeit backfired sharts of plastic and projectiles. they have been made to look like air bags made by automakers and include a manufacturer's logo. so far, no deaths or injuries have been reported. checking out air bags c
area. >>> president oand mitt romney are sprinting to the finish line in the race for the white house. what voters will see in the final days leading up to the election. plus... >> reporter: big bird and bayonets. look at the unexpected phrases that are now a part of the campaign season. >> well, everything is up to speed on interstate 70 at columbia pike. i will let you know how it's shaping up on 695 and 83 coming up on good morning maryland. >> you are looking live in downtown baltimore. beautiful way to start day. stay with us for much more coming up. >>> 4:42 and headlines around the nation. she was 8 months pregnant withplans to get married but investigators are trying to figure out who killed vindalee smith. they found a strange note that read i will kit one pregnant woman a month starting now until lee boyd malvo is set free and it was signed the apprentice with a smiley face. the 38-year-old was found dead in her new york apartment last saturday. her unborn son didn't survive. police questioned her fiancee but they haven't been identified yet as a suspect. >>> two brothers ar
as they head out west. >>> and president barack obama and mitt romney duke it out during the first presidential debate. so which candidate won the round? we'll have everything you need to know about last night's big event on this thursday, october 4th. "good morning maryland," i'm charlie crowson. >> and i'm megan pringle, thank you for joining us. if you haven't looked outside yet, there's a little rainy as we got into work this morning. >> may want to have the umbrella handy. also lynette this morning you're monitoring the weather and still feels kind of sticky and muggy out there. >> yes, on the sticky side charlie and also some fog out there this morning but some patchy fog. visibility reduced once again. 7 miles in easton. and baltimore to the north end york only about four miles of reduced visibility there. and also you were talking about the showers, we have a shower now in frederick county around emmettsburg and we can go ahead and zoom in on that area and you can see where it is. this is sliding up to the north but this is the only thing we're seeing as of now. maybe just little bit of
romney to cancel a number of campaign events. >> but with just a few days to go before the election, the campaigning back on today. so we'll have an update on what both candidates have planned for today. >>> also an interesting story today, health benefit you can get from watching horror films. it might surprise you. we'll tell you when "good morning maryland" continues. >>> i know our -- we stay safe during the storm alerts on your phone, if you didn't have it, you can get it. all you have to do is go to our app store and make sure you stay alert. we can see the temperature right now at 40 degrees in westminster. don't go anywhere, "good morning maryland" will be right back. >>> thanks for joining us, both presidential campaigns were forced to cancel events due to sandy. >> it's about to be business, again, six days away from the election. >>reporter: presidential campaigning will start back up today, but it won't be full steam ahead just yet. the president will travel to new jersey to assess storm damage alongside governor chris christie. it will be an unusual sight to see this
vice presidential debate. we have the highlights from danville, kentucky. >> reporter: mitt romney and the president called their running mates to tell them they did a fantastic job. the bottom line -- this was one firey debate. place pause the 90-minute debate was the first and only between the two candidates. it covers a wide range of issues like like the economy. >> pushing and continuation of a tax cut that will give $500 billion in tax cuts to 120,000 families. and they're holding hostage the middle class tax cut. >> did they come in and inheart a tough situation? yes but we're going in the wrong direction. look where we are. the economy is barely limping along. >> reporter: medicare. >> they have not been big on medicare from the start. >> reporter: and foreign policy. >> this is issue will be a tragedy in and of itself but unfortunately it is indicative of a broader problem. and that is what we're watching on the tv screens is the unraveling of the foreign policy. >> many expected bide ton come out swinging. >> for a guy who says 47% of the american people are unwilling to t
dunham in denver, colorado, with a preview of what to expect when mitt romney and president obama take the stage in the first presidential debate. wççÑçÑ >>> president barack obama and mitt romney have only talked face to face on a handful of occasions and tonight they'll get a chance to go head to head in the first of three presidential debates. abc 2's tori dunham is in denver with what we can expect to see tonight. >>reporter: this is the big moment we've all been waiting for, the first of three presidential debates will take place tonight. we'll talk a little bit about the format here. it's going to last 90 minutes. it'll be moderated by jim lehrer and we're told there's no audience participation. this debate will focus on domestic policies, things like healthcare, the economy and the role of the government. but while the two candidates were off the trail yesterday getting ready and prepping for the big debate, their wives are giving us a little bit of insight. >> i get so nervous at these debates, and, you know, i'm like one of those parents watching their kid on the balance
poll taken before the week's debate picked romney by a 51- 45% margin over obama. today's numbers will be especially scrutinized because after this there is just one more jobs report expected before the november election. in washington, i am emily schmidt. >> the job report the numbers are due out by 8:30 this morning. >> claims are up about 367,000 americans filed for first time unemployment benefits last week. that's 4,000 more than the week before. those numbers are important because they serve as an indicator to how healthy the job market is overall. >>> in news around the nation this morning, drivers in california are getting a shock when they fill up at the pump. gas price we up more than 8 cents from wednesday to thursday. some customers paid more than $5.50 a gallon for regular unleaded they blame refinery outages for the spike and according to aaa, the national average for a gallon of regular gas is 3.78. gas prices in southern california are about 57 cents higher than the national average. >>> a couple in utah say they let five people in their homes believe they were pol
there are eight toss- up states. if president obama wins virginia, wisconsin and colorado and mitt romney ones the rest of the toss-up states, both would be tied with 269 electoral votes. the last time that happened and there wa
. >> reporter: vice president joe biden and paul ryan will face- off thursday in kentucky. romney's widely applauded presidential debate performance upped the ante for ryan. >> look how well he did. so he raised the bar. >> reporter: biden might be take cues from the denver debate about the obama campaign don't expect him to make up for the president's showing last week. he is prepping for four days at his home in delaware leading up to the big night. >> i am looking forward to it. i am. the thing about congressman ryan is he's been straightforward up to now. i hope it will be a good debate. >> reporter: that is chance for both vice presidential candidates to pay the role of attack dog in a radio interview on monday paul ryan said he he can expect joe biden to come flying with the attacks. in washington, i am tori dunnan now back to you. >> later this morning, ed reed host the third annual fitness day for youth. it takes place at booker t. washington middle school. reed and his it willo teammates will teach students the importance of
look at the candidates on the debate stage. not president obama for governor mitt romney. tonight's debate pits vice president joe biden and congressman paul ryan for a one- on-one and only vice presidential debate. tory dunnan is in danville, kentucky with details of the big event tonight. >> reporter: we're here inside the spin room where after tonight's big debate both campaigns will try to claim a victory. but before that happens the showdown takes place between vice president joe biden and paul ryan. it's the only debate happening this election for the vice presidents. biden's been holding the mock debates every day since sunday. they're lasting 90 minutes each. and paul ryan has been talking about the vice president's extensive debate experience and lowering expectations. he's going to be focusing on the president's record. >> joe biden has been doing this for a long time. i mean he ran for president twice. he's a sitting vice president. he's been on the big stage many times before and that's new for me and just doing my homework and studying the issues. >> what i've been do
with us. there's much more coming up. >>> democracy 2012 right now. president obama and mitt romney, they took to the stage last night in what was a highly spirited round two of the presidential debates. tori dunham has all the highlights from hempstead, new york. >>reporter: in total 11 questions were asked during this town hall-style debate. so the candidates had to answer to voters directly. but at times this really felt like a boxing match. at the second of three presidential debates, voters got their say. >> what is the biggest difference between you and george w. bush. >> what have you done or accomplished to earn my vote in 2012? >>reporter: president obama didn't hold back throughout the night. >> when he said behind closed doors that 47% of the country considered themselves victims, who refused personal responsibility, think about who he was talking about. i want to fight for them. >>reporter: meanwhile romney slammed his opponent on the economy, healthcare and foreign policy. >> when we're talking about math that doesn't add up, how about $4 trillion of deficits over th
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